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Snow? Gone!

Snow? Gone!

Finally it was 20C this weekend. Finally the snow is gone.

We've had too much snow this year. Really, I like snow, but my kids had more then 10 snow days off from school this winter - so many that they just expected a snow-day-a-week all winter. It started in December already (I never heard of a snow day in December) -- we had three in a row, and the next week another three. Okay, they were mostly legit.

Our roads weren't plowed and the army was flying their monster planes and helicopters over our house at night to land on the nearby 402 highway where hundreds of people were stranded in the never ending blizzard. Then there was the short thaw at New Years, and the snow returned, never to really disappear until 2 weeks ago week. The kids even had a snow day before March break AND AFTER March break--- that's just crazy for around here.

But now with a couple warm days, all is forgotten, and the saxifraga want to bloom so badly, you can't help but forgive winter. Here's some shots from the gardens - the early birds of alpines.

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