Packaging and Shipping

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Most of our plants are now grown in 7cm x 9cm pots to better handle shipping and transplanting. To prevent the soil from spilling in some pots, we lay slightly moistened spagnum moss on top.



See our FAQ, "When will my order be shipped?".

*** This year we connect to the USPS and Canada Post shipping rate servers on-line to use live, current shipping rates. ***

Check your shipment when it arrives and put the pots in a cool, shaded, protected area. Transplant to the garden with a minimum of root disturbance, water in well and provide some shading if the weather is warm. Minimum plant order is $60 plus shipping and taxes. We ship mostly in the spring (April/May) and fall (September). NOTE: In case of shipping damage, please contact us immediately.



Prices for Canadian orders are in Canadian funds, payable by cheque, money order, VISA or MasterCard. The minimum SUB-TOTAL order is $60. Shipping charges are calculated by Canada Post. Refer to the following postal code table for estimated shipping rates. For delivery in Canada we only use XPress Post (3 day) and Expedited Parcel (2 day, for customers close to us).

Minimum SUB-TOTAL order = $60

The following table is not accurate; it is intended to give you a rough estimate of shipping charges.
Postal Code XPress Post - 3 days
B,C,E,G,H,J  17% of SUB-TOTAL
K,L,M,N,P  32% of SUB-TOTAL
A,R,S,T,V  41% of SUB-TOTAL


Prices for U.S. orders are in U.S. funds, payable by cheque, money order, VISA or MasterCard. Minimum SUB-TOTAL order = $60.

Shipping charges are calculated by USPS, plus a $15 fee for the phytosanitary certificate



Claims of damage to your plants must be submitted within 7 days of receipt for replacement or refund to be issued - limited to the value of the plants claimed. We do not offer warranty on plants when subsequent planting and care produces unsatisfactory results. 


Order By Fax or Mail

If you would prefer to fill in your order by hand, print this order form.    (0.5Mb pdf)
Please note that this form allows you to ESTIMATE shipping charges. When we process the order, we will adjust the total to include the ACTUAL shipping charge.

We accept payment by cheque, money order, VISA or MasterCard.

We make it easy for you to fax or mail your order in. Use our electronic shopping cart to compile your order and make all the correct tax and shipping calculations. Then just select the Phone/Fax option in our secure checkout procedure.

When you select the Phone/Fax option, the information you enter in the checkout procedure is collected, but you DO NOT have to submit any credit card info. You must then print out the order summary for your own records. You must then FAX or PHONE your credit card information to us to place your order. 

If you do not send your credit card info, your order will NOT be processed.


Download our Catalogue in PDF Format

Currently not ready. Should be on-line by Jan 6, 2017.

Download  (0.2Mb pdf)