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With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the April 25th Alpine Plant Sale scheduled at Stonecrop Gardens in NY has been cancelled. We will miss seeing everyone – it’s the highlight of our year too.

To make up for this loss to our good customers there (and everywhere) we are looking to give customers a discount on orders made in the future (check back in the next few days). For those that planned to pick their orders up at the sale, we will ship them to you.

Shipping continues as usual and has so far been smooth. Please contact us if you have any other concerns or enquiries. Take care!

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Random Images From Our Blogs

Harvey Wrightman (1949-2016)

My dad was born in a garden, or pretty near to it. His parents were of the same breed and even had a rockery back in the day. As a boy he built his own natural spring water garden and bog, complete with orchids and other treasures he would order by mail. That he reverted to gardening after university, then teaching, seemed like the only appropriate thing for him to do. I knew him only this way, working with hands as a stonemason and gardener. In recent years he told me that the nursery was the best job he could imagine. And he’s right - all of his children saw this and followed in his footsteps. Dan and Maria are stonemasons, and I took to the plant nursery.

Thirty years ago he and my mom Irene published the first catalogue for Wrightman Alpines. It was a hobby, or more like a passion that was clearly running wild and the only way to make sense of it in the real world was to create a small business from scratch. Continue reading