National Primrose Show and Sale

Event Date

NARGS Berkshire Chapter

"Saturday, May 2 is a joint meeting as the New England Chapter of the American Primula Society hosts the National Primrose Show at Tower Hill Botanic Garden (link is external) in Shrewsbury, MA. Enter the show! (Click here for a list of classes. (link is external))

BNARGS membership will gain you entry to Tower Hill on this date. There will be two lectures by John Lonsdale: "Woodland Plants" and "Primulaceae."

Vendors will include Sunny Borders, Wrightman Alpines, Conifer Kingdom and Van Birkum, to name a few.

The Seven States Daffodil Society Show will be there on Saturday as well, allowing us to see perfect blooms of the finest cultivars up close.

Please let Jacques Mommens know if you plan to attend as we must give BNARGS members' names to the gate.

Or you may attend the whole of the NEAPS weekend with other events, including a gala garden party and a roundtable discussion. If you want to stay over there is a special rate at a nearby hotel. Click here (link is external) for more information about the 2015 National Primrose Show."