The Genus Daphne

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by Josef Halda
illustrated by Jarmila Haldova.

This is the first full account of all the species of Daphne written as a single book. It is a major taxonomic revision of the whole genus, with an emphasis on species. A definitive reference work, combining the information needed by botanical, horticultural, nursery, specialists and general gardening audiences. Profusely illustrated by Jarmila Haldova, an exquisite rendering appears on every page. Finally you can see and learn about such elusive plants as D. wangeana or the most ornamental species as D. aurantiaca ‘Habashan’, D. circassica, D. limprichtii, D. holosericea, D. gracilis or D. penicillata, which Halda has introduces to cultivation in recent years.

Josef Halda has sought daphnes throughout their entire range, from Hawaii to Laponia and from the Moroccan Atlas, Sierra Nevada, Pyrenees, Alps, the Carpathian and Balcan Mts., Turkey, Caucasus, western and central Asia, the Himalayas, whole China, Siberia, Japan and Indonesia. The book contains the essence of his vast field experience and his research in herbaria and gardens. Approximately 300 pages illustrated with more than 200 coloured paintings on 32 plates and 700 detailed scientifically accurate and yet beautiful line drawings. 220x320mm, hardcover, first class paper.

Foreword. Introduction. The evolution of the genus. The systematic treatment of the species. Synopsis of the genus Daphne. Each sectional and species account includes: valid name and place of publication; synonym; description; chromosome number (if known); flowering time; distribution; habitat; including altitudinal range; taxonomic and other general notes; variation; cultivation; hybridization; related genera. References. Index to plant names.

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