List of Sold Out Items

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A196 Acantholimon trojanum
A072 Achillea x lewisii 'King Edward'
A284 Allium beesianum
A014 Androsace villosa v. jacquemontii
A233 Anthyllis montana
A179 Anthyllis vulneraria ssp. atlantis
A287 Arabis bryoides
A030 Armeria juniperifolia 'Bevans'
C035 Campanula bornmuelleri
C164 Campanula trogerae
C085 Clematis fremontii
C027 Convolvulus compactus
C165 Convolvulus suendermanii
D127 Daphne blagayana
D074 Daphne cneorum 'Porteous'
D205 Daphne petraea 'Clone G'
D124 Daphne velenovskyi 'Balkan Rose'
D199 Daphne x eschmannii 'Jacob Eschmann'
D175 Daphne x hendersonii 'Aurora'
D149 Daphne x medfordensis 'Tichborne'
D087 Dianthus erinaceus 'alpinus'
D164 Dianthus kajmaktzalanicus
E088 Edraianthus montenegrinus ssp. alpinus
E099 Erica carnea 'Aurea'
E097 Erica carnea 'Golden Starlet'
E100 Erica spiculifolia
E047 Erysimum pulchellum
G140 Gentiana altorum
G111 Gentiana brachyphylla
G143 Gentiana szechenyi - small form
G094 Gentiana verna 'Pyrenees'
G072 Globularia repens 'nana'
H017 Helichrysum sessilioides
H052 Heuchera alpina v. cylindrica
H008 Heuchera pulchella
I032 Iris babadaghica
O013 Orostachys minuta
P010 Pelargonium endlicherianum
P303 Phlox mollis
P180 Phyteuma comosum
P039 Potentilla megalantha
P233 Primula 'Wharfedale Bluebell'
P046 Primula clusiana
P181 Primula farinosa
P419 Primula marginata 'The Best'
P444 Ptilotrichum purpureum
P455 Pulsatilla patens ssp. flavescens
R027 Ramonda nathaliae 'alba'
R025 Rhodothamnus chamaecistus
S288 Salix calcicola
S309 Saxifraga 'Bohemian Karst'
S104 Saxifraga 'Burserana'
S808 Saxifraga 'Ma Vlast'
S343 Saxifraga 'Moravian Karst'
S130 Saxifraga 'Redpoll'
S136 Saxifraga 'Sulphurea'
S138 Saxifraga opp. 'Theoden'
S301 Silene bolanthoides
V004 Veronica bombycina ssp. bolkardaghensis
V011 Vitaliana primuliflora v. cinerea

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