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A196 Acantholimon trojanum
A280 Aethionema saxatilis
A284 Allium beesianum
A278 Anacyclus depressus
A216 Androsace globifera
A139 Androsace helvetica
A118 Androsace muscoidea
A150 Androsace ovczinikovii
A283 Androsace robusta ssp. purpurea
A011 Androsace robusta v. breviscapa
A162 Androsace tangulashanensis
A188 Androsace tapete
A014 Androsace villosa v. jacquemontii
A189 Androsace x 'millstream'
A015 Antennaria sp. (Beartooth collection)
A233 Anthyllis montana
A179 Anthyllis vulneraria ssp. atlantis
A287 Arabis bryoides
A041 Arctostaphylos uva ursi 'Wood's Red'
A228 Arenaria 'Turkish Frost'
A030 Armeria juniperifolia 'Bevans'
A063 Asperula pontica
A052 Aster alpinus
C035 Campanula bornmuelleri
C164 Campanula trogerae
C014 Campanula zoysii
C058 Centaurea pestalozzae
C236 Ceratostigma minus
C173 Chrysanthemum hosmariense
C085 Clematis fremontii
C220 Clematis sp. 'Datong Shan'
C027 Convolvulus compactus
C165 Convolvulus suendermanii
C033 Cymbalaria aequitriloba
D127 Daphne blagayana
D074 Daphne cneorum 'Porteous'
D001 Daphne cneorum 'Pygmaea Alba'
D205 Daphne petraea 'Clone G'
D190 Daphne schlyteri 'Lovisa Maria'
D124 Daphne velenovskyi 'Balkan Rose'
D129 Daphne velenovskyi 'Old Port'
D005 Daphne x 'Lawrence Crocker'
D168 Daphne x burkwoodii 'G.K. Argles'
D199 Daphne x eschmannii 'Jacob Eschmann'
D175 Daphne x hendersonii 'Aurora'
D118 Daphne x hendersonii 'Ernst Hauser'
D184 Daphne x hendersonii 'Jenskyne #5'
D139 Daphne x hendersonii 'Kath Dryden'
D204 Daphne x hendersonii 'Val Bon Don'
D149 Daphne x medfordensis 'Tichborne'
D189 Daphne x napolitana 'Stasek'
D182 Daphne x schlyteri 'Anita Selma'
D188 Daphne x schlyteri 'Gold Edge'
D048 Delosperma aberdeenense
D156 Delosperma basuticum
D130 Delosperma daveyi
D173 Delphinium grandiflorum
D087 Dianthus erinaceus 'alpinus'
D164 Dianthus kajmaktzalanicus
D106 Douglasia laevigata v. laevigata
D203 Dryas x suendermannii
E088 Edraianthus montenegrinus ssp. alpinus
E099 Erica carnea 'Aurea'
E097 Erica carnea 'Golden Starlet'
E085 Erica carnea 'Tanja'
E100 Erica spiculifolia
E047 Erysimum pulchellum
G028 Genista 'Vancouver Gold'
G065 Genista delphinensis
G002 Genista depressa
G006 Genista subcapitata
G093 Gentiana acaulis ex 'Coelestina'
G140 Gentiana altorum
G047 Gentiana angustifolia
G111 Gentiana brachyphylla
G010 Gentiana paradoxa
G045 Gentiana pumila
G143 Gentiana szechenyi - small form
G094 Gentiana verna 'Pyrenees'
G072 Globularia repens 'nana'
H013 Haberlea rhodopensis
H039 Haberlea sp. Case
H017 Helichrysum sessilioides
H052 Heuchera alpina v. cylindrica
H008 Heuchera pulchella
I032 Iris babadaghica
I007 Iris suaveolens v. rubromarginata
L023 Lewisia rediviva
L007 Lewisia x cotyledon
L091 Linum austriacum ssp. caucasicum
L010 Linum cariense
M027 Mertensia viridis
O049 Origanum rotundifolium
P376 Paeonia ostii
P010 Pelargonium endlicherianum
P452 Penstemon hallii
P212 Petrophyton cinarescens
P402 Phlomis grandiflora
P279 Phlox kelsyi 'Lemhi Midnight'
P303 Phlox mollis
P030 Phlox x 'Snow Queen'
P180 Phyteuma comosum
P039 Potentilla megalantha
P282 Potentilla nitida
P233 Primula 'Wharfedale Bluebell'
P186 Primula allionii 'Crowsley'
P050 Primula allionii 'Neon'
P409 Primula auricula 'Bob Lancashire'
P385 Primula auricula 'Favourite'
P360 Primula auricula 'Forest Twilight'
P363 Primula auricula 'Green Meadow'
P440 Primula auricula 'Nocturne'
P392 Primula auricula 'Red Gauntlet'
P320 Primula auricula 'Sword'
P313 Primula auricula ssp. ciliolata
P055 Primula auricula v. albocincta
P046 Primula clusiana
P181 Primula farinosa
P419 Primula marginata 'The Best'
P423 Primula pubescens D-77
P198 Primula sp. novo ex. Mt. Nudo, Italy
P134 Primula x juribella
P444 Ptilotrichum purpureum
P455 Pulsatilla patens ssp. flavescens
P401 Pulsatilla vulgaris 'alba'
R064 Ramonda myconi 'lavender'
R027 Ramonda nathaliae 'alba'
R073 Raoulia subsericea
R017 Raoulia tenuicaulis
R079 Rhododendron impeditum x moupinense
R054 Rhododendron kiusianum 'Betty Muir'
R025 Rhodothamnus chamaecistus
S288 Salix calcicola
S002 Salix hylematica
S099 Saponaria Hybrid
S263 Saponaria pulvinaris
S274 Saxifraga 'Bohemia'
S309 Saxifraga 'Bohemian Karst'
S104 Saxifraga 'Burserana'
S170 Saxifraga 'Camyra'
S111 Saxifraga 'Galaxie'
S116 Saxifraga 'Jupiter'
S063 Saxifraga 'Karel Hynek Macha'
S808 Saxifraga 'Ma Vlast'
S343 Saxifraga 'Moravian Karst'
S130 Saxifraga 'Redpoll'
S136 Saxifraga 'Sulphurea'
S138 Saxifraga opp. 'Theoden'
S213 Scutellaria alpina
S232 Sedum pluricaule 'Rose Carpet'
S234 Silene acaulis 'Frances'
S050 Silene acaulis 'Grand Ridge'
S301 Silene bolanthoides
S082 Soldanella alpina
S804 Soldanella alpina 'Prokletije'
S335 Soldanella dimonei
S066 Soldanella pindicola
T040 Thlaspi bellidifolium
V004 Veronica bombycina ssp. bolkardaghensis
V005 Veronica caespitosa
V011 Vitaliana primuliflora v. cinerea

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