List of Sold Out Items

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With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the April 25th Alpine Plant Sale scheduled at Stonecrop Gardens in NY has been cancelled. We will miss seeing everyone – it’s the highlight of our year too.

To make up for this loss to our good customers there (and everywhere) we are looking to give customers a discount on orders made in the future (check back in the next few days). For those that planned to pick their orders up at the sale, we will ship them to you.

Shipping continues as usual and has so far been smooth. Please contact us if you have any other concerns or enquiries. Take care!

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The following items are currently sold out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Total Sold out plants: 214
A001 Acantholimon armenum
A303 Acantholimon knorringianum
A196 Acantholimon trojanum
A092 Aethionema grandiflorum
A005 Aethionema ibirideum
A284 Allium beesianum
A308 Allium macropetalum
A251 Androsace hedraeantha
A334 Androsace lehmannii
A155 Androsace mariae
A283 Androsace robusta ssp. purpurea
A186 Androsace spinulifera
A188 Androsace tapete
A178 Antennaria aromatica
A304 Aquilegia alpina
A254 Arabis x suendermannii
A095 Arenaria tetraquetra ssp. granatensis
A030 Armeria juniperifolia 'Bevan's Variety'
A173 Aster dumosus 'Heinz Richard'
A039 Aubrieta gracilis
B014 Biscutella laevigata
B008 Bornmuellera tymphaea
B013 Bukiniczia cabulica
B005 Buxus microphylla (dwarf)
C208 Calceolaria luxurians
C175 Callianthemum coriandrifolium
C206 Callianthemum kernerianum
C205 Callianthemum pimpinelloides
C035 Campanula bornmuelleri
C003 Campanula choruhensis
C188 Campanula ciliata
C146 Campanula lasiocarpa
C064 Campanula raineri 'Case'
C120 Campanula saxifraga
C275 Caragana jubata
C091 Carmichaelia nana 'Mt. Harper'
C255 Cerastium alpinum ssp. lanatum
C017 Chaenorrhinum glareosum
C248 Chamaecytisus polytrichus
C020 Chrysanthemum weyrichii
C288 Claytonia virginica
C027 Convolvulus compactus
D170 Daphne cneorum verlotti x d. arbuscula
D198 Daphne sp. aff. striata
D095 Daphne x 'Schlyteri'
D171 Daphne x hendersonii 'Apple Blossom'
D119 Daphne x whiteorum 'Beauworth'
D130 Delosperma daveyi
D160 Dianthus arpadianus v. pumilus
D164 Dianthus kajmaktzalanicus
D071 Dianthus microlepis
D201 Dianthus petraeus ssp. noeanus
D134 Dianthus simulans
D226 Dianthus tymphresteus
D024 Digitalis obscura
D026 Dodecatheon pulchellum 'Sooke Form'
D154 Draba aff. bryoides 'crevice pygmy'
D220 Draba bertiscea
D234 Draba parnassica
D230 Dracocephalum isabellae
D197 Dracocephalum paulsenii
D034 Dryas octopetala 'Tundra Pygmy'
E106 Edraianthus jugoslavicus
E002 Edraianthus pumilio
E107 Erica carnea 'Myretoun Ruby'
E100 Erica spiculifolia
E109 Erica x williamsii 'Ken Wilson'
E037 Erigeron aurantiacus
E026 Erigeron ursinus
E096 Eriogonum ovalifolium v. depressum
E036 Eriogonum umbellatum ssp. porteri
E018 Eunomia oppositifolia
G003 Genista involucrata
G100 Gentiana acaulis 'Bielefelder'
G159 Gentiana frigida
G076 Gentiana hexaphylla
G098 Gentiana ligustica
G058 Gentiana pumilus ssp. delphinensis
G160 Gentiana trichotoma
G094 Gentiana verna 'Pyrenees'
G104 Gladiolus flanaganii
G155 Glaucium flavum
G026 Globularia incanescens
H013 Haberlea rhodopensis
H072 Haberlea sp. (Reznicek)
H039 Haberlea sp. Case
H085 Helianthemum x 'Robin'
H017 Helichrysum sessilioides
H015 Helichrysum sp. aff. pagophilum (JJH)
H036 Hymenoxys lapidicola
H100 Hypericum aviculariifolium ssp. depilatum var. bourgei
H066 Hypericum kazdaghensis
I064 Inula rhizocephala
I032 Iris babadaghica
I027 Iris taurica
I066 Iris wilsonii
J022 Jasminium parkeri
J020 Jovibarba heuff. 'Treska Gorge'
L102 Lepidium nanum
L007 Lewisia x cotyledon
L096 Lilium lankongense
L041 Linum aretioides
L045 Lonicera crassifolia
M044 Meconopsis balangensis
M038 Myosotis terglouensis
O020 Onosma araraticum
O030 Onosma caerulescens
O057 Oxytropis williamsii
P426 Paeonia mlokosewitschii
P009 Paronychia serpyllifolia
P495 Penstemon aff. 'Red Riding Hood'
P379 Penstemon davidsonii 'Rez'
P452 Penstemon hallii
P250 Penstemon rupicola
P121 Penstemon rupicola 'Pink Holly'
P380 Penstemon rupicola x P. fruticosus
P212 Petrophyton cinarescens
P180 Phyteuma comosum
P356 Phyteuma pseudorbiculare
P302 Polemonium elegans
P086 Polygala chamaebuxus
P222 Potentilla uniflora
P164 Primula allionii 'Lismore Treasure'
P225 Primula allionii x 'Joan Hughes'
P338 Primula auricula 'Adrian'
P312 Primula auricula 'Argus'
P339 Primula auricula 'Brownie'
P340 Primula auricula 'Camellia'
P341 Primula auricula 'Cardinal Red'
P358 Primula auricula 'Chelsea Bridge'
P360 Primula auricula 'Forest Twilight'
P322 Primula auricula 'Hopley's Coffee'
P413 Primula auricula 'Joanne'
P365 Primula auricula 'Prague'
P391 Primula auricula 'Quintessence'
P392 Primula auricula 'Red Gauntlet'
P393 Primula auricula 'Rowena'
P439 Primula auricula 'Sandwood Bay'
P057 Primula auricula 'Shalford's double'
P345 Primula auricula 'Tasket'
P067 Primula minima
P095 Primula rusbyi
P483 Primula secundiflora
P493 Primula tangutica
P045 Primula x 'Hemswell Blush'
P107 Primula x pubescens 'Pat Berwick'
P236 Pulsatilla alpina ssp. sulphurea
P425 Pulsatilla pratensis 'bohemica'
P401 Pulsatilla vulgaris 'alba'
R064 Ramonda myconi 'lavender'
R029 Ramonda myconi 'pink'
R027 Ramonda nathaliae 'alba'
R002 Ramonda serbica
R085 Ranunculus albertii
R037 Ranunculus crenatus
R088 Ranunculus gramineus
R008 Raoulia australis
R017 Raoulia tenuicaulis
R032 Rhodiola atuntsiensis
R070 Rhododendron 'Azurika'
R056 Rhododendron 'Ginny Gee'
R043 Rhododendron 'Little Olga'
R053 Rhododendron fastigiatum
R076 Rhododendron sargentianum 'Maricee'
S193 Sagina x boydii
S002 Salix hylematica
S338 Salix jejuna
S353 Salix lanata
S125 Salvia caespitosa
S099 Saponaria 'Bressingham'
S328 Saponaria x 'Rosengnome'
S230 Saxifraga 'Allendale Charm'
S060 Saxifraga 'Benesov'
S309 Saxifraga 'Bohemian Karst'
S061 Saxifraga 'Bohunka'
S062 Saxifraga 'Dana'
S108 Saxifraga 'Delia'
S109 Saxifraga 'Edgar Irmscher'
S110 Saxifraga 'Edward Storch'
S111 Saxifraga 'Galaxie'
S330 Saxifraga 'Humoreska'
S114 Saxifraga 'Jan Neruda'
S071 Saxifraga 'Jana'
S116 Saxifraga 'Jupiter'
S063 Saxifraga 'Karel Hynek Macha'
S173 Saxifraga 'Kyrillii'
S343 Saxifraga 'Moravian Karst'
S201 Saxifraga 'Mother Queen'
S124 Saxifraga 'Nancye' (ex Anne Bedall)
S074 Saxifraga 'Perle Rose'
S132 Saxifraga 'Romeo'
S202 Saxifraga 'Rubella'
S136 Saxifraga 'Sulphurea'
S055 Saxifraga 'Valerie Keevil'
S205 Saxifraga 'Volgeri'
S138 Saxifraga opp. 'Theoden'
S344 Saxifraga scleropoda
S277 Saxifraga sempervivum
S165 Saxifraga x columpoda
S311 Saxifraga x dinninaris
S032 Scutellaria indica v. parvifolia
S088 Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Pygmalion'
S817 Silene dinarica
S082 Soldanella alpina
S804 Soldanella alpina 'Prokletije'
S066 Soldanella pindicola
S242 Stachys lavandulifolia
T057 Trollius farreri
T050 Trollius pumilus
V003 Verbena cv 'Lizzie'
V004 Veronica bombycina ssp. bolkardaghensis
V046 Veronica surculosa
X002 Xanthisma coloradoense
Z007 Ziziphora clinopodioides

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  • Then go to the checkout page and choose the Payment Method: "Phone/Fax/Mail/Money order/Cheque".
  • You will not be asked for a credit card number.
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