List of Sold Out Items

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We are closed until we publish our Spring catalog online sometime between Christmas and New Years Day!

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The following items are currently sold out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Total Sold out plants: 67
A196 Acantholimon trojanum
A251 Androsace hedreatha
A283 Androsace robusta ssp. purpurea
A173 Aster 'Hein Richard'
B005 Buxus microphyllus (dwarf)
C208 Calceolaria luxurians
C206 Callianthemum kernerianum
C017 Chaenorrhinum glareosum
C249 Chamaecystisus eriocarpus
C278 Cortusa turkestanica
D149 Daphne x medfordensis 'Tichborne'
D186 Daphne x schlyteri 'Hans Bauer'
D119 Daphne x whiteorum 'Beauworth'
D197 Dracocephalum paulsenii
E114 Edraianthus serpyllifolius 'Major'
E020 Epilobium rigidum
E096 Eriogonum ovalifolium v. depressum
E035 Erodium x 'Natascha'
E018 Eunomia oppositifolia
G076 Gentiana hexaphylla
G058 Gentiana pumilus ssp. delphinensis
G094 Gentiana verna 'Pyrenees'
G102 Globularia repens 'Zander'
H089 Hosta 'Little Devil'
H070 Hypericum auriculariifolium ssp. uniflorum
M044 Meconopsis balangensis
M006 Moltkia petraea
P481 Papaver kluanense
P212 Petrophyton cinarescens
P279 Phlox kelsyi 'Lemhi Midnight'
P322 Primula auricula 'Hopley's Coffee'
P414 Primula auricula 'Konigin der Nacht'
P107 Primula x pubescens 'Pat Berwick'
P443 Ptilotrichum spinosum 'Rubrum'
R053 Rhododendron fastigiatum
R086 Roscoea humeana
S159 Salix vestita
S230 Saxifraga 'Allendale Charm'
S020 Saxifraga 'Beatrix Stanley'
S274 Saxifraga 'Bohemia'
S309 Saxifraga 'Bohemian Karst'
S104 Saxifraga 'Burserana'
S022 Saxifraga 'Cambridge Seedling'
S105 Saxifraga 'Cochlearis minor'
S062 Saxifraga 'Dana'
S108 Saxifraga 'Delia'
S109 Saxifraga 'Edgar Irmscher'
S110 Saxifraga 'Edward Storch'
S012 Saxifraga 'F.L. Vek'
S195 Saxifraga 'Godiva'
S024 Saxifraga 'Harry Marshall'
S330 Saxifraga 'Humoreska'
S027 Saxifraga 'Iva'
S197 Saxifraga 'Jan Werich'
S030 Saxifraga 'Korund'
S315 Saxifraga 'Naarden'
S130 Saxifraga 'Redpoll'
S141 Saxifraga 'Vladana'
S341 Saxifraga bronchialis
S276 Saxifraga oppositifolia 'Florissa'
S344 Saxifraga scleropoda
S165 Saxifraga x columpoda
S038 Sedum 'Tortuosum'
S297 Selaginella rupestris
S283 Silene acaulis 'Anne Spiegel'
T054 Thymus longiflorus
V044 Veronica schmidtiana

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