List of Sold Out Items

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Spring ordering has wrapped up - it just gets too hot to ship plants!
We resume shipping in the fall. Check back mid-August to see what's new.

Thanks for all your support!

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The following items are currently sold out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

A196 Acantholimon trojanum
A273 Aconitum sp.
A105 Adenophera takedae v. howozana
A198 Aethionema subulatum
A211 Anaphalis depressa
A119 Androsace bisulca v. aurata
A157 Androsace euryantha
A216 Androsace globifera
A118 Androsace muscoidea
A150 Androsace ovczinikovii
A010 Androsace primuloides 'Sheppard'
A011 Androsace robusta v. breviscapa
A162 Androsace tangulashanensis
A188 Androsace tapete
A125 Anemone blanda 'enem'
A223 Anemone multifida v. multifida
A015 Antennaria sp. (Beartooth collection)
A233 Anthyllis montana
A179 Anthyllis vulneraria ssp. atlantis
A264 Aquilegia saximontana
A019 Aquilegia scopulorum
A263 Aquilegia x micrantha
A254 Arabis sp. (Rick Lupp)
A239 Asperula boissieri 'killini'
A063 Asperula pontica
A133 Aubrieta olympica
C225 Calluna vulgaris 'Annapolis Mist'
C228 Calluna vulgaris 'J.H. Hamilton'
C010 Campanula portenschlagiana
C013 Campanula pulloides
C116 Campanula x 'Mai Blyth'
C041 Ceanothus pumilus
C112 Cichorium spinosum
C085 Clematis fremontii
C220 Clematis sp. 'Datong Shan'
C229 Codonopsis sp.
C093 Codonopsis thalictrifolia
C109 Coprosma petriei
C169 Cyananthus longiflorus
C033 Cymbalaria aequitriloba
D063 Daphne arbuscula 'Muran Pinnacle'
D127 Daphne blagayana
D168 Daphne burkwoodii 'Argylle'
D185 Daphne hendersonii 'Milan'
D190 Daphne schlyteri 'Lovisa Maria'
D141 Daphne x 'Maisey Larae'
D095 Daphne x 'Schlyteri'
D175 Daphne x hendersonii 'Aurora'
D176 Daphne x hendersonii 'Aymon Correvon'
D140 Daphne x napolitana 'Meon'
D189 Daphne x napolitana 'Stasek'
D147 Daphne x rollsdorfii 'Arnold Cilharz'
D014 Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko'
D164 Dianthus kajmaktzalanicus
D024 Digitalis obscura
D136 Dodecatheon hendersonii
D106 Douglasia laevigata v. laevigata
D193 Draba mollissima
D109 Draba rigida
D163 Dracocephalum alpinum
D029 Dracocephalum botryoides
D194 Dryas drummondii
D125 Dryas octopetala 'Alpine Carpet'
E002 Edraianthus pumilio
E093 Epilobium canum
E006 Erica carnea 'Porter's Red'
E005 Erica carnea 'Springwood Beauty'
E009 Erinus alpinus
E011 Eriogonum umb. subalpinum
E036 Eriogonum umbellatum ssp. porteri
E082 Eriogonum umbellatum v. smallianum
E047 Erysimum pulchellum
E018 Eunomia oppositifolia
G028 Genista 'Vancouver Gold'
G093 Gentiana acaulis ex 'Coelestina'
G111 Gentiana brachyphylla
G126 Gentiana Christchurch
G121 Gentiana clusii ssp. undulatifolia
G092 Gentiana lawrencei
G098 Gentiana ligustica
G086 Gentiana occidentalis
G058 Gentiana pumilus ssp. delphinensis
G127 Gentiana straminea
G105 Gentiana szechenyi
G067 Gentiana veitchiorum
G094 Gentiana verna 'Pyrenees'
G130 Gentiana verna f. calycina
G132 Gentiana verna ssp. balcanica 'Kopaonik'
G011 Geranium argenteum
G072 Globularia repens 'nana'
G102 Globularia repens 'Zander'
G027 Globularia sp. aff. repens
H013 Haberlea rhodopensis
H072 Haberlea sp. (Reznicek)
H017 Helichrysum sessilioides
H067 Heuchera abramsii
H066 Hypericum kazdaghensis
I001 Iberis saxatilis
I021 Iris attica
I032 Iris babadaghica
I028 Iris clausii
I046 Iris minutoaurea
I022 Iris sp. Mongolia
I009 Iris timofejewii
L088 Lewisia x cotyledon 'Red Roger'
L035 Linum olympicum
L012 Linum rhodopaeum
L086 Lobelia kalmii
L066 Lobelia siphilitica 'Mistassinica'
L014 Lychnis vis. 'Kugelblitz'
L032 Lysmachia japonica 'minutissima'
P247 Paederota bonarota
P115 Penstemon linarioides
P308 Penstemon rupicola 'Myrtle Herbert'
P429 Penstemon saxosorum
P099 Penstemon virens
P212 Petrophyton cinarescens
P286 Phlox borealis
P214 Phlox douglasii ssp. rigida
P279 Phlox kelsyi 'Lemhi Midnight'
P281 Physaria alpina
P180 Phyteuma comosum
P086 Polygala chamaebuxus
P233 Primula 'Wharfedale Bluebell'
P149 Primula allionii 'Anna Griffith'
P044 Primula allionii 'Broadwell Pink'
P338 Primula auricula 'Adrian'
P312 Primula auricula 'Argus'
P311 Primula auricula 'Beechen Green'
P409 Primula auricula 'Bob Lancashire'
P343 Primula auricula 'Brookfield'
P358 Primula auricula 'Chelsea Bridge'
P259 Primula auricula 'Chorister'
P321 Primula auricula 'Clare'
P295 Primula auricula 'Gleneagles'
P363 Primula auricula 'Green Meadow'
P364 Primula auricula 'Hinton Fields'
P317 Primula auricula 'Idmiston'
P299 Primula auricula 'Marmion'
P438 Primula auricula 'Mary Zach'
P440 Primula auricula 'Nocturne'
P298 Primula auricula 'Orb'
P365 Primula auricula 'Prague'
P392 Primula auricula 'Red Gauntlet'
P300 Primula auricula 'Second Vic'
P131 Primula auricula 'Silverway'
P320 Primula auricula 'Sword'
P046 Primula clusiana
P181 Primula farinosa
P042 Primula x 'Airemist'
P063 Primula x 'Freedom'
P101 Primula x 'Mars'
P051 Primula x 'Peardrop'
P054 Primula x 'Pink Ice'
P266 Primula x 'Stradbrook Dream'
P371 Pulsatilla grandis
P400 Pulsatilla turczaninovi
R001 Ramonda myconi
R027 Ramonda nathaliae 'alba'
S351 Salix repens 'Iona'
S004 Satureja spinosa
S230 Saxifraga 'Allendale Charm'
S059 Saxifraga 'Athena'
S274 Saxifraga 'Bohemia'
S104 Saxifraga 'Burserana'
S063 Saxifraga 'Karel Hynek Macha'
S331 Saxifraga 'Laka'
S343 Saxifraga 'Moravian Karst'
S315 Saxifraga 'Naarden'
S124 Saxifraga 'Nancye' (ex Anne Bedall)
S074 Saxifraga 'Perle Rose'
S130 Saxifraga 'Redpoll'
S318 Saxifraga 'Strahov'
S057 Saxifraga 'Wendelboi I'
S317 Saxifraga oppositifolia 'Porteous'
S370 Saxifraga oppositifolia 'White Clouds Peaks'
S277 Saxifraga sempervivum
S258 Scutellaria orientalis ssp. pinnatifida
S218 Sedum olbliquufolium
S179 Sedum pruinatum
S290 Sempervivum calcareum 'Pink Pearl'
S082 Soldanella alpina
T040 Thlaspi bellidifolium
U001 Ulmus parvifolia 'Davidii'
V011 Vitaliana primuliflora v. cinerea
Z006 Zauschneria septrionalis
Z002 Zinnia grandiflorum

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