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Wrightman Alpines grows thousands of species and varieties of alpine plants. Our mail order catalogue lists over 600 alpines which we ship to enthusiasts throughout Canada and the United States.

The nursery was established in 1985 in Kerwood, Ontario. Many of you may have vistied and remember the display gardens we had there that morphed and changed with each season. Stone was the main 'ingredient' in each garden, from dry-laid stone walls and flagstone pathways along the foundation of the house that held tufa crevice gardens, and were a collaboration of Czech botanist, author and seed collector Josef Halda and my dad Harvey Wrightman’s construction. Hand-chiseled stone troughs were displayed as examples of container gardening.  Crevice gardens constructed of tufa and limestone and a backyard scree garden, formed the backdrop for a myriad of colours, texture and forms of our favorite alpine plants. Ponds and bogs added a naturalized look throughout alpine gardens.

In spring 2014 we (the nursery, Harvey, Irene, myself and young family) moved to St. Andrews New Brunswick where the land is beautiful, and the climate promising. The greenhouses and nursery stock were quickly built that fist summer, and the nursery has slowly but surely been restablished. Many old stock plants had to be left behind in Ontario for the most part, so the planting started right away to get new material for cuttings and seeds established, a slow process as most can imagine!

A year after we arrived, Harvey was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and although there were some months of remission, and a tufa crive garden built, he passed away in December of 2016. Shortly before, he handed graciously the reins of the nursery over. Although it was a big hurdle, he had prepared me with almost twenty years of 'apprenticing' and quite simply said if there was anything I was unsure of, "you'll figure it out". And so the figuring has continued, and I'm sure will for ever, which is part of the beauty of alpine gardening.


~ Esther Wrightman ~


Wrightman Alpines Nursery has moved to St. Andrews, New Brunswick. If you'd like visit please contact us ahead of time by phone (506-529-9093) or e-mail info@wrightmanalpines.com. Thank you!